Monitor Your Kids’ Devices

More often than not, kids are still clueless about the things they can do and the things they cannot do with their laptops, phones, and tablets. As per a Expert Ratings Website, we should monitor how our children use their digital devices and Checkout the HP laptops comparison before buy a new monitor.

Introducing rules and limits when a child starts using a device is crucial so that both of you can be clear about what things are okay and what things are not. Even when digital device manufacturers have provided us with parental control features on their laptops and monitors, we will show you some other ways to monitor your kid’s devices.

Windows Computers

Windows computers have designated child account features for you. When you create a child account, you will have the option to turn on the Family Safety option. This option enables you to monitor and limit the child account as well as restricting the use of some applications. It will also give you a usage report from the child’s account every week.

Macintosh computers

If your family uses Macintosh computers, besides turning on the parental control feature, you can also link your child’s computer screen to your laptops and monitors to examine what he or she does with it. To do this, both computers have to be connected to the same network.


If your child has a smartphone, regularly storing the phone’s content on your computer is a great thing to do. It will allow you to monitor your child’s downloads, as well as the call logs, social media accounts, and messaging apps. You can also check if your child has installed any harmful application on that phone.


The steps in monitoring your child’s tablet are very similar to monitoring your child’s mobile phone. Every device will have its parental control features.

Third-party software

If you need something more than the devices’ default parental control features, you can try using third-party applications. They will allow you to further monitor your child’s laptops and monitor usage and each of them will have different censorship methods.

Not only doing censorship on your child’s device, but other third-party applications will also allow you to do location tracking, which is crucial in ensuring the safety and security of your child.

One of those tracking applications is Life360. It includes a security map that displays each family member’s exact position and allows you to talk about your surroundings. It’s free to use and compatible with a variety of operating systems.

Another example of a tracking application is Securafone. This software allows parents to create limits on a map and it will send notifications if their children go beyond those limits. It also comes with a panic button that children can use to call their parents or another authority when they get into trouble. Also, this app works on iPhones and Android devices.


Monitoring the use of digital devices is crucial in today’s parenting world. As good parents, we must trust our children so that they can explore the world using their digital devices. But still, we should not let our guard down to prevent negative effects on our children’s growth.

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