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Simply using textbooks, memorizing words, and mastering grammar rules can definitely lead you to the boredom of language learning. Of course, you can download the game here as well but this does not entirely mean that books are of no use. They still do. However, putting your nose in the grindstone is not the only thing that you can do all throughout the process of learning a language. Exploring hundreds of ways to make the whole language learning entertaining aside from hitting your books will yield a much better result.

From books, people have learned to utilize media to help them enhance their acquisition of a certain target language. Music, movies, TV shows and podcasts have all been aiding language learners’ goals. But recently, another method has started to make its own success in helping language learners.

Video games are created not just to purely entertain gamers, but they have played another important role in people’s lives as well. Video games can be an effective tool in language learning. This gives learners the best integration of games and learning.

The Misconception about Video Games

It is an undeniable fact that some people still see PC Gaming as a time sink and thus unnecessary. Unbeknown to these people, studies have found a lot of good effects of PC gaming, specifically cognitive ones. This is even supported by one of Psychology Today’s author who said that the said negative effects of PC gaming are mostly not true. Instead, the positive effects are verified.

All these positive effects include getting better with dyslexia, getting good at problem-solving, visual processes, multitasking, etc. Moreover,  if you just know how to do things right, the time you spend on PC gaming can be considered as time to study your target language.

Why Video Games Work in Language Learning

When you play video games, you give your whole attention to what you are doing and thus this makes you highly engaged. If so,  when learning becomes more engaging, the more memorable it becomes. Below are some reasons why PC gaming can be effective in tools for language learning:

Repetition is the Best Teacher

Video games are the best place for this. A lot of games offer set limited options or moves for you to play, so you will get the maximum period of exposing yourself to the set of vocabulary or specific context you are trying to master. Other games also have some sort of narration, so as you consistently play these, you will get acquainted with the whole narration too.

Games Offer Positive Association

Truth to be told, a learner may find it exhausting to sit down and force himself to focus on learning a language. With this attitude, a learner may treat learning like work. This will obviously gradually lose the learner’s engagement or interest. But thanks to video games as these create a strong connection between learning and gaming.

Video Games Designs Context in a Different Way

Books or any other learning materials have this themed context which can make a learner feel bored sometimes if these are solely studied. But with video games, the context is usually designed in a way that can challenge the learner to solve everything first before jumping to a higher level.

These are just some of the hundreds of reasons why video games can be best integrated into language learning and there are a lot of gamers out there who can prove these rights.

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