Preparing for Entrance Exams

High school or university entrance exam preparation is one of the most stressful times a graduating student will experience in school. A huge part of the future of their education will be determined by one day of examination. If you’re a student preparing for an entrance exam, you might find the following tips from best gre prep book extremely helpful.

Mark the Date

Mark the date of your examination. This will help you plan your everyday schedule in order to be prepared for the exam. It will keep you from falling behind the lessons you need to study, and it will also prepare you physically, emotionally, and mentally little by little.

Allot A Study Time

By determining how many days you have left before you take the entrance exam, you can decide on the number of hours you need to study each day. Decide also on which part of the day your brain is the most active. If your schedule allows it, put your study time there.

Know What Kind of Learner You Are

Every person learns differently. While most are visual learners, there are some who are auditory (by listening) learners, kinesthetic (by movements) learners, or other kinds of learners. You need to figure out what type you are in order to find the learning methods suitable and effective on you.

Work from Hardest to Easiest

Always start with the hardest. You will need all the energy you have when learning a lesson you’re not really familiar with. Knowing you have plenty of time to study about it takes off some pressure. That is not to say, though, that you shouldn’t budget your time.

Find the Best Study Space for You

Just like the methods of learning, ideal study space can also be different for every person. Some like it quiet while some like it a bit noisy. Ask yourself, where does your brain function the best?

Gather Resources

Of course, studying wouldn’t be possible without the needed materials. Gather as much as you can, literally anything that could be of help. The more information you have, the better chance you get in acing that test.

Know How to Answer When You Don’t Know the Answer

One cannot be expected to know all the answers. If they do, well and good, but if they don’t, it’s wise if they know how to at least answer. Learn the process of elimination; in the multiple-choice section, two of the choices are usually obviously incorrect, one can be correct, and the last choice is the correct one. Eliminate the first two obvious wrong answers first. That way, you at least get a 50% chance of getting the correct answer.

Take Mock Tests

It’s important that you take practice exams. This way, you’ll have an idea on how you’ll do in the exam, and how you’ll handle the pressure. It would be wise to time yourself, too.

Sleep and Eat Right

It’s imperative that you get enough sleep and nutrients from food. A healthy and fit body contributes to a healthy mind and vice versa.

Prepare Everything You Need the Night Before

Do not cram. The morning of your exam should be as relaxed as it can possibly be. Gather everything you will need the night before and double check them.


With the right preparation, there is no reason for you to fail. Having said that, do remember to take some days off. You have got to enjoy the learning phase; otherwise, the knowledge you gain may not stick.

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