Education Plan for your Kids

It has been said that education is a valuable inheritance we can pass on to our children. However, a good education is not easy to attain because it doesn’t come cheap. Also, education is expected to get pricier in the coming years. According to, One piece of financial advice that is often neglected by most parents is to start planning your child’s education before they were born.

Providing good quality education to your kids requires a huge amount of preparation and research on financial plans for you to meet future expenses. Read about the benefits and downsides of the education plan and some tips on how to start one for your kids.

Benefits of Education Plan

Knowing the advantages of getting an education plan is essential to help you decide if it is really worth it. So, here is the list of the benefits you can get from getting an education plan:

  • Parents always think of the best for their kids, so if you want to enroll your kids to a specific school, an educational plan will ensure your child’s education.
  • School fees what make school expensive, so you have to pay full in order to have your kids take the exam. With an education plan, you don’t have to worry about school fees.
  • Getting an early education plan for your kids is so beneficial; your kids’ college tuition fees won’t be a problem anymore.
  • Education plan offers you a lot of options such as personal accident insurance, wherein your kids will still have the opportunity to have their education covered even if you’re gone already. Even if you need the additional payment for this, the options are favorable and advantageous.

Disadvantages of Education Plan

Although the education plan has positive feedback, it is always good to know the consequences of getting one.

  • Let’s face it; an education plan is expensive, and it will surely affect your monthly budget especially if you are paying a high premium plan.
  • Allowances and miscellaneous fees are not included in education plans; therefore, you still have to set aside personal savings for these kinds of expenses.
  • The increase in tuition fees is higher than the returns of educational insurance plans.
  • The risk will always be there. So, make thorough research and get good financial advice prior to investing. Also, partner with trustworthy insurance companies to be safe.

Tips in Starting an Education Plan

When it comes to your kids’ future, the benefits always prevail over the disadvantages. Consider these tips to start an education plan:

  • Plan early. Today is always the best time to start.
  • Pick an insurance company not only for its popularity in the industry but also for its reliability and the capability to meet your expectations.
  • Think about your needs in selecting an education plan. Widen your choices by inquiring about additional features such as life insurance.
  • Don’t go beyond your budget. Additional features are beneficial, but if you can’t afford it, then just go for the basic.

Research thoroughly. Find out about basic insurance terminologies and concepts prior to getting an educational plan.

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