There’s a famous saying by that says that the millennials and the generation that follows it will shape technology. Today, our generation is more globally and socially connected with the use of mobile devices and the internet compared to the generations before. In fact, they don’t question the technology, they just casually and naturally learn it.

Indeed, gone is the time when you have to be physically present in front of the person you love to show how genuine your feelings towards that person. Nowadays, finding love online is absolutely possible and convenient. Online dating has been a trend in this generation, especially for students.

Students are practically the ‘millennials’ Smith is referring to. Online dating has both positive and negative impacts on students’ life in general.

Global friendship and connection

Online dating sites let students have an opportunity to connect with the world. This is a good way of learning and understanding another culture through the person on the other side of the screen that they are associated with. It is an effective approach to widen the students’ horizon.

However, as these students are indulged deeply on the virtual world of their mobile phones and computers, they tend to divert their attention away from the people surrounding them. They invest so much time in building online interactions but forget to stay connected to the people around them. This greatly affects the social relationships of the students inside their campuses.


Students’ communication with their classmates and friends on campus are somehow at risk. They are now only interested in communicating with their online friends. They start to think that talking to their friends online is a better alternative than wasting so much of their energy and time by conversing to the people in their local community.

No more time for learning

Due to the time consuming online communication, the time for a student allotted to learning will be divided. Online dating can be a distraction to the process of education. Instead of studying or reviewing for an exam in a few days, students slack off because they cannot focus well on their studies and other priorities.

Although it poses positive results, students should not rely on and invest so much of their time in finding love and connections online. Just how social media made people put masks on their faces, only showing the happy and fun side of their lives, online dating can drag students’ outlook the same way.

The understanding of the importance of distinguishing the digital world to the real world is crucial. There are numerous cases of scam and online fraud and students are most likely to be victims or easy targets for these crooks.

Proper guidance from parents or adults is very necessary. The students are probably aware of the consequences of their actions, but, still, it is important to lead them right and make them understand that it is more significant to build social interactions and relationships that digitally.

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