Simple Ways to Write an Essay

Students have a lot of curriculum subjects nowadays, and a lot of activities needed to be done in order to pass or be accepted in a school or university they’re rooting for. Among all these, cheap essay writing is one of their worst “nightmares”. From picking a topic to formulating the structures so they could have an essay that would stand out from the rest is already taking a toll on them.

While essay writing is one of the hardest parts of a student’s life, there are some ways to unload even just half of the burden and help students make even a simple essay but rich in content and would be acceptable for educators in their university.

Preparing your outline or structure of ideas

After deciding on a topic or after a topic was assigned to you, start organizing your ideas. There are some ways to organize your thoughts, which you can alter or choose to continue with later on. You can either use a diagram or an outline, whichever suits you.

If you want to use a diagram, you can start by writing your topic in the middle of the page. Then draw a few lines from your topic and write down your subtopics at the end of each line. You can draw a few more lines from your subtopics if you have additional thoughts that are essential to the topic.

If an outline would be much easier for you to follow, you can start by writing your topic on top of the page. Below that, you can write down your subtopics and additional train of thoughts. Use Roman numerals or ordinal numbers for your subtopics and letters or bullets for your additional ideas.

Write your thesis statement

After doing the first step and deciding on your essay’s flow, it’s time to write your thesis statement. The thesis statement is basically the main point of your essay and what your readers can expect from your essay.

Your thesis statement will consist of two parts. The first part states your topic and the second part states the point of your essay or the main ideas that you will discuss.

Write the body

In your essay’s body, you will now have to explain, describe, or argue about your topic. The main ideas you wrote in your diagram or outline will compose the body paragraphs with the same basic structure. Write down your main ideas into sentence forms, followed by your subtopics or supporting ideas. Below each subtopic, you can leave a few lines where you’ll insert your additional ideas explaining each point further.

Write the introduction

Now that you’ve already structured your essay, write an introduction that would catch the reader’s attention and will continue reading your essay. You can start it off by a short story, a dialogue, or general terms explaining your topic.

Write the conclusion

The conclusion sums up all your essay points and putting emphasis on your topic. It should be around three to four sentences and would leave a strong impression to your readers.

Finally, review your essay and make sure they are error-free. That’s it! You’ve finally managed to finish your essay.

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