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Multilinguals are people who are able to communicate in several languages with the same fluency – whether in writing or speaking. These kinds of people are quite smart and attractive since they can blend in many places and connect with people of different languages. It is very easy to fall in love with a kik girl who speaks more than two languages since multilinguals sound so sexy. In fact, one survey may approve this as it says that multilinguals tend to have a more successful dating experience in online dating through social media. Let’s dig deeper into this survey.

Women Are More Likely To Gain Interest In Multilinguals In Online Dating

According to research, women are more into multilingual dating. A majority of them message men who speak more than one language on Facebook and Twitter. They generally search for the number of languages their person of interest can speak on their profile.

50% Of Americans Find Multilinguals Sexier

Many Americans prefer dating someone who has knowledge of more than one language. They find this quite fascinating and sexy due to the fact that their continent lacks a language other than American English. Therefore, if you are multilingual and place it in your dating profile, you’re most likely get more messages. This has been researched by PlentyOfFish research.

However, the same Americans are very selective when it comes to other languages. When it comes to finding a male date, women prefer those who speak German, Swedish, and Dutch. Sadly, Russian speaking men get the least attention.

When it comes to finding a woman date on Facebook, women who speak the Dutch language are more likely to receive more chats from men. This is followed by Swedish and Arabic speaking females. Italian speakers get the least messages although they sound very romantic.

Multilingual People Are More Open And Are Better Communicators

PlentyOfFish research states that many singles who speak more than one language tend to be more open and more impending about themselves as compared to single language speakers. It is definite that many people on dating sites all look for this great trait in order to form enduring relationships. Aside from the fact that having a multilingual talent is fascinating, it’s also a very useful trait for those who don’t want to deal with a language barrier in their relationship.

On the other hand, multilinguals tend to communicate better, and they put more effort into dating conversations in order to get the most information out of their dates. They would usually put the best profile pictures on dating sites in order to capture more dates and get to know more people.

The talent that multilinguals have is truly fascinating. To learn a language, it takes patience, persistence, and intelligence, and these traits are usually associated with online dating. If one has such qualities to learn multiple languages, then he or she most likely has these qualities to give love in a relationship, too.

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