Choosing a web hosting provider for a school website is one of the crucial steps to be taken upon building the site. It is because the right hosting provider will play a significant role in the functionality of the school’s website.

For one, the website should represent the school as a primary source of information among students, parents, and teachers. It will be the symbol and the representation of the school in the online world and should be the primary communication instrument.

The presence of many web hosting providers available online makes it difficult for a website developer and designer to select the best one. Each has its own distinct qualities that could be helpful in building your future school website. In view of this, here are the different features that you need to consider in choosing the hosting provider of a school website.

The Quality of the Hosting Facility

This is an important factor to consider when choosing the hosting provider on a school website. Make some research in learning the physical structure, location, and quality of the hosting facility you considered. This is because the quality of the hosting facility will greatly affect the uptime, speed, and security of your website.

The “Uptime” in Web Hosting

This is another important feature to consider when selecting your next web hosting provider. The uptime is the time that a server of the hosting facility is running and operational. This is an indicator of how a web hosting provider is maintaining and keeping their system working and functional. A good web hosting provider must provide a 99.9% or above uptime.

The “Load Time” or Loading Speed

This is basically the amount of time your website will load once an internet user visits your site. It is important to select a hosting provider that would bring your viewer and audience a fast and reliable experience in browsing your site. Please take note that the slower your website is, the greater the chance that a viewer will leave your website. Even Google is using load time as a factor in ranking websites through its search engine.

Security and Reliability

This factor pertains to the technical security aspect of the school website. Your chosen hosting provider should provide maximum security to the different information and the database within your website. Just remember that a school website contains a number of information such as teacher and student names, home addresses, and other important information that needs to be protected. This information should be protected all the times, and it is the hosting provider’s responsibility to provide the protection and security.

Site Backup

Having a site backup is crucial to protect your site from emergency website crash. As this accident might happen anytime, a good hosting provider regularly maintains a backup to your website. Failure to do so will mean losing your website and the different data and information that you have built through time. However, with a site backup, the hosting provider can restore your website fast and efficiently.


Choosing the best web hosting provider for a school website can be tough. But with the different features listed above, it will give you a good idea in carefully selecting the best hosting provider that is needed and helpful on the website that you are going to build.

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