Student participation is one of the most essential things in learning, especially if the course is about skill acquisition. It can be challenging to engage your students in the discussion at first. However, once you’ve found the most effective methods to build rapport with your students, everything will go smoothly.

Lectures have always been one of the most common ways to impart knowledge to students. However, these are not always effective. The students’ attention span can only last for so long. Make sure to employ other methods in your class.

  • Employ interactive strategies such as games, role plays, brainstorming, and more.
  • Listen to what your students say, and give constructive feedback. Harsh criticism can discourage them from participating in the future.
  • You can use different platforms to make learning languages much easier and more fun.
  • Images and the use of electronic visual aids also help.
  • Incentives such as prizes are good motivators, but should not be the main goals of students.
  • Since conversation is essential in internalizing what they learned, having them interact with different co-students will surely help.

Imparting bits of knowledge about the culture of the language they are learning may also help them see the bigger picture. Let you your class watch videos or movies from the local country to make the class more interesting and engaging.


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