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📄  01-July-2013     👤 Shalet James
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Treading a challenging and less-travelled path, Vineeth Vincent, India's Biggest Beatboxer, has dedicated his life to popularising this musical genre   

By Shalet James

A trailblazer, a dynamo, a vibrant personality spreading positive energy wherever he goes, the 24-year-old beatboxing champ, Vineeth Vincent, comes like a hurricane and keeps the audience excited through his reverberating sound. He may be described as a ‘breathtaker’ in every show, by captivating the listeners through his vocal beats and raps. Vineeth, a youngster from Bengaluru made his official debut in beatboxing in 2008. He played a major role in popularising beatboxing in India.

Beatboxing is a hip-hop musical genre of rhythms and sounds created by human voice.

Dedication, hard work

It was his dedication and hard work which made Vineeth “India's Biggest Beatboxer” over a short span of 6 years. Though India is one of the toughest places to build a career in beatboxing, Vineeth managed to overcome all hurdles and started making a decent living from it at a very young age. He still has a large number of events coming on a weekly basis.

“When you do something, do it with style, and, more importantly, do it with honour,” says Vineeth Vincent when asked about the secret of his being an acclaimed beatboxer. Apart from beatboxing, he has proved his forte as a musician and emcee.

Setting records

 It was in January 2011 that Vineeth Vincent directed 1,246 people and 2,136 people on two separate occasions into the Guinness Book World Records and Limca Book of Records, respectively, for the World’s Largest Beatbox Ensemble, at Christ University. “We wanted to create an event where people did not compete against each other; instead, they needed to work together to create something awesome. We were successful both the times,” recollects Vineeth with an innocent smile. In the same year, on November 14, the Guinness record was broken by Google (Ireland), directed by beatboxing champion Shlomo and Andy Brooks (Testament).

Today, Vineeth’s mother Juliana R. Vincent and elder brother Vikram Vincent are very proud of his great achievement though his family was once concerned about how Vineeth could make a living out of beatboxing. “My Mom encourages us a lot and we were brought up with lots of ethics. This helps my brother and I keep going,” insists the beatboxer with a sense of pride.

Vineeth Vincent and Vineeth Kumar (Vineeth’s buddy and a beatboxer, fondly called Beep) share a good rapport during their performance.

Vineeth Vincent, a graduate (Psychology, Sociology and English), is also co-founder of a company called Side Step Solutions, which created an art-based property called Beatroute India. Beatroute India was developed to help artists find the right balance between making a good living by doing what they loved and using their art to create socially sustainable change.

Setting up band

Vineeth conducts workshops in Bengaluru for aspiring beatboxers where he teaches them the basics of the genre and then encourages them to make their own identity in it. He believes that practice, hard work and an open mind to learn and accept ideas from others can make an individual an excellent beatboxer. “If I find the right people who have a passion for what they do and with whom I could connect well, I will form a band in the near future,” said Vineeth when asked about his plans to set up a band.

Though musicians and artists often have a soulmate, Vineeth Vincent says he has not yet found a girl so special who can be swept off her feet (giggles). With a very hectic schedule of shows to be performed this month, Vineeth Vincent hums My Dream is To Fly over the Rainbow...So High – the song which he usually makes his audience sing in his shows.

Vineeth Vincent

Born–July 9, 1989

Passion – Beat Boxing

Favorite Colour – Black

Favorite Song - "Welcome Home" by Peters and Lee, Don Williams - "You're my best friend" "Till the rivers run dry"  "One day at a time" originally by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson

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