Gun safety

The debate on whether to include firearm safety in schools is not new. Visit for more details to know that children have been found with loaded or unloaded guns in schools. In some cases, they are reports of children having gun accessories in school. Although the laws regarding gun safety and gun accessories are usually politicized, some people have taken bipartisan positions in developing these laws.

The issue of a gun in children is a social problem that must be addressed with caution. Cases of gun misuse by individuals under the age of 18 years have been rampant. To make it worse, there have been cases of shootings by minors in school. Irresponsible behavior of the adult gun owners is to blame for the rising cases of misuse of a gun by minors. Nevertheless, there is a need to teach children the dangers of guns.

Who should teach gun safety in schools?

If a law is passed to teach gun safety in school, who should do it? Although some of the teachings should be done by the teachers, trained individuals in national security should also be involved. This is a serious matter that should go beyond the education sector as it concerns the safety of society. The involvement of the security professionals will make the subject appear more serious to the children. They will realize that touching your parents or any other person’s gun is a crime. They will also understand that a gun is a deadly and powerful weapon that can easily kill. Trained individuals in gun handling are in a better position to explain the dangers of the gun to the children.

Safety handling

In addition to teaching the dangers of guns, children should be taught how to handle guns. It is evident that there are millions of guns in the civilians’ hands. There is a great likelihood that your child might come across a gun in his/her lifetime as a minor. Irresponsible adults exist in the community and there is a possibility they will carelessly leave their gun in a place accessible to the children. It is important for the child to understand how to handle a gun safely.

With the increasing cases of terrorism targeting schools, there is a suggestion to arm teachers to protect children in case of school shootings. If this law is passed, the children will have increased exposure to guns.

Could gun education leads to promoting guns?

There is a worry among stakeholders on whether gun education would lead to the promotion of guns in schools. This makes the subject sensitive meaning that there is a need to develop the most appropriate curriculum that will not promote guns among children. A slight mistake in the curriculum content can lead to more damage than what we are experiencing. This brings back the issue of great cooperation between the education sector and national security.


The debate on whether to introduce gun education in schools may not end soon. However, it is important we accept that there is a problem that must be addressed.

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