It is a very unpleasant experience to discover that the security of your educational institution’s Instagram account has been compromised. To ensure that your Instagram account does not fall victim to cybercriminals, this article is going to share four useful measures that your school can employ to protect your accounts from hackers.

According to an article from Mashable, multiple accounts worldwide had fallen victim to a unique method of hacking. First, the genuine users were barred from their own accounts, then their profile pictures and usernames were altered and finally, a new contact address is added to the hacked accounts.

Although Instagram was quick to deny that there was a substantial increase in cases of hacking, sources claiming that InstaPort may have been behind the breaches. Hundreds of users had claimed on Twitter that they had lost access to their own accounts. This forced Instagram to draft an article acknowledging the breach of security and subsequently giving advice to the affected individuals on the steps they could take to regain control of their accounts. The following are four preventive measures that can safeguard an Instagram account against hacking.

A strong password

Picking a strong password is also the most vital measure. The most common method that hackers resort to in their attempt to access an account is to guess a password. The assumption they make is usually based on old passwords that were obtained from earlier security breaches. That is why it is essential to choose a unique and strong password. Moreover, online tools, such as have I been pwned, can be used to check if a password is already compromised.

Security experts recommend that an ideal password should consist of at least eight characters with numbers, punctuation marks, and letters. The passwords should also be changed once or twice in a year, and it is also advisable to use a password manager to manage and monitor all your passwords.

Two-Factor Authentication

Most popular phone applications including Instagram have a provision for two-factor authentication(2FA). With two-factor authentication enabled, whenever you try to access Instagram from an unknown device, you will be asked to provide an SMS code in addition to the usual login credentials. This is a useful deterrence for hackers who attempt to log into a secured account.

Ensure your Email Account is Secure

Since your email gives access to your various online accounts, it is important to protect it. Securing the account is possible through steps such as two-factor authentication and encryption to prevent suspicious intrusions into the account.

Prevent access to dubious Third-party Apps

Dubious third-party services are those applications or websites that have failed to comply with the terms of use or community guidelines of Instagram. They include bot apps that perform automated tasks on Instagram. To control third party services, first access your profile on your personal computer and scroll to the authorized apps section where you can revoke access to any suspicious apps.

Instagram account security issues can be kept at bay if you follow the right procedures and set the right security measures in place.

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